Monday, January 14, 2008

No Heat Experiment: Day 3

We still don't have heat in the house. It sucks.

"My dick is cold. I ate three biscuits"
--Chaz Bundick

so andy isnt here and we're guessing that he's just really fucking cold too. he's lucky.
we listen to the new ashley simpson song today. its awesome
anyway, i tought james how to crank dat lion king the other day, turns out he's just no cut out for it. then he tried to teach me how to crany dat dick.

WOW! MLY DAY ALREADY! im really excited for. james is seeing wu-tang to celebrate. i'm going to look at a mirror. oh yeah, today was also the first day of school. it was great.
man, i love this! im so glad the gangs back together. the wilners! and...well...hmmm.

our cat is loud as hell.


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